Nirvana Couture - Splendor - Samad - Hand Made Carpets

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Nirvana Couture - Splendor


Splendor, Silver-Grey

Nirvana Couture
Standard sizes:
2.0 X 2.11
5.3 X 7.7
5.11 X 9.2
7.10 X 9.10
8.10 X 11.10
9.10 X 14.0
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The intricately designed Nirvana Couture Collection takes our popular Nirvana line to the next level. Each Nirvana Couture rug is Wilton-loomed and hand-finished, marrying modern day technology with traditional handcraft and artistry. Through reviving the 500-year tradition of Oushak carpet making, Nirvana Couture offers a more affordable alternative to our higher-end lines, while still remaining uncompromising in style and authenticity.


Wool & Bamboo Silk
Wilton-loomed in Turkey