Welcome to Samad

Welcome to SAMAD, where you will find some of the world’s finest hand made decorative rugs.

Founded in 1985 by fourth generation rug merchants, David and Malcolm Samad, SAMAD has created some of the most beautiful and dynamic rugs available today.

Every single rug produced by SAMAD is entirely handmade with hundreds of people involved in the production of each carpet.

samad handmade rugs

SAMAD produces a variety of rugs that range from floor mats to mansion size carpets and everything in between.

SAMAD offers a vast number of vibrant Collections from the lower and more affordable ranges, through mid range and high end. While celebrated for classic rugs that compliment traditional interiors, SAMAD also manufactures modern and contemporary collections, which has revitalized the rug industry. Recent introductions such as the Amour and Leonardo Collections incorporate both hand-carded wool and hand spun silk to successfully create transitional innovative designs and color.
The SAMAD headquarters is located in East Rutherford New Jersey, with offices in both London and India. Utilizing a state of the art camera system, all SAMAD photography is produced in-house and provides high-resolution pictures that offer clients accurate and vivid images. SAMAD is a wholesale manufacturer, selling strictly to the trade. The staff at SAMAD provides exceptional service, offering their clients a comprehensive one on one experience. The SAMAD dealer website offers a new feature that allows clients to select Modern Tibet Collection designs which they can customize color.

With their appreciation for the intricate rug-making process and great passion for carpet making, the Samad brothers hope to continue to enrich the world with new designs and textures, unrivaled in both quality and innovation.

For more information about Samad Brothers INC, you can read more blog posts here, or visit the main website at http://Samad.com. For more pictures of the beautiful rug showroom, Click Here.

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