The Animal Kingdom Collection


Roaring with confidence, our new Animal Kingdom Collection may just be Samad’s fiercest line yet. Depicting detailed scenes of animals in the wild, these show stopping designs are the perfect addition to liven up an interior.


The inspiration for the dynamic Wild Horses design came from a vivid photograph of wild horses. The challenge was figuring out how to convert the captivating image into a full-fledged rug, without compromising the authenticity of the captured moment. In order to render an accurate depiction, a drawing was made and painted with careful attention to recreating the specific color shades found in the photo. A knotting graph was then added to the painting to delineate a clear pattern for the weavers to follow. This process involved adapting each inch of the painting into a grid that incorporated the exact shading and color nuances necessary to reconstruct the scene. A group of master weavers, each with no less than 25 years of experience, where assigned the task of bringing the rug to life. With many skilled artisans involved in the creation of Wild Horses, the finished product is a true testament to the craftsmanship and ingenuity, taking place in the world of hand-knotted rugs today.

153263-animal-kingdom-wild-horses-8-0-x-10-1Wild Horses, Animal Kingdom Collection


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