Spotlight on Silk Rugs

Like art, the age-old craft of making carpets is one that has continually evolved to suit patron and era.

While the labor-intensive process of creating a hand knotted rug remarkably resembles original ancient methods, innovations in style, material and design remain essential and ever changing.

At SAMAD, the challenge to honor this tradition is one that keeps us on our toes and inspires us to experiment with both old and new, to produce rugs that are truly unique.

samad silk rugs

Introduced in 2001 by way of the Extravagance Collection, the use of silk in SAMAD rugs has been one innovation that has paved the way for some of our most luxurious and eye-catching collections.

Constructed with premium wool and an astonishing 70% silk, the stylish Extravagance Collection exhibits unique color nuances that are seldom seen in any fine carpet.

With the refined elegance, sumptuous feel and the dynamic texture that silk provides, new higher end collections incorporating a blend of wool and silk have developed from some of our most popular wool designs. Wool and silk counterparts created for our Manhattan, Jazz and Avant Garde Collections have provided new visual appeal and added sophistication.

silk carpets

These Collections now offer designs made with 100% hand spun silk, increasing their level of comfort and luxury.

Two of our newest Transitional Collections, Amour Wool & Silk and Paradise Wool & Silk, are made with the finest hand carded wool with hand spun silk, many with detailed hand carving that play with light and texture. The dynamic effect produced by the careful blend of wool and silk combined with modern color pallets and traditional designs, has heightened the appeal of these two vibrant Collections.

Over the years, the use of silk has enhanced the look, feel and quality of SAMAD rugs and we will continue experimenting with this material, turning the wheels of innovation.
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