Explore our Colorful Malibu Rug Collection

Colorful Malibu Rug Collection

Inspired by the breathtaking seascapes and sunsets of Malibu, California, our colorful Malibu Rug Collection provides an added element of serenity and calmness within a space. Each rug incorporates over 30 artfully selected color shades, ranging from iris blues and sandy beiges to mandarin oranges and rosy mauves. These mood-evoking carpets are hand-knotted with a blend of pure wool and hand-spun silk, which give each rug a stunning shimmering effect that adds a textural quality and enhanced sense of luxury.

Zuma, Rainbow

Carefully blending an array of complimentary color shades such as burgundy, rose, sand and mocha, the colorful Zuma, Rainbow design brings to mind the vibrant and ever-changing hues of an ocean sunset.

Zuma, China Blue

When it comes to decorating with blue, the possibilities are endless! incorporating a multitude of blue tones ranging from cool to warm, the calming Zuma, China Blue rug is a highly versatile option for a wide range of design aesthetics.

Zuma, Almond

The neutral tones and warm beige and brown color shades found in the Zuma, Almond design bring to mind an afternoon stroll on sandy beach. This mood rug offers a relaxed sophistication that will brighten and open up a space.

Zuma, Razzmatazz

The vibrant Zuma, Razzmatazz fuses deep orange, magenta and denim hues to add a fun pop of color to a room. The horizontal focus and overall mood of this rug is reminiscent of multicolored Malibu sunset.


Malibu rugs are woven with wool and silk fibers, which give them their beautiful lustrous quality and soft feel.

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Explore our Colorful Malibu Rug Collection Explore our Colorful Malibu Rug Collection

Colorful Malibu Rug Collection


Ancient Wool & Silk Collection

Old and new find perfect harmony in our elegant Ancient Wool and Silk Collection. This transitional line of rugs expertly blends inviting traditional motifs with contemporary color shades to create a clean finished look. Extremely versatile and undeniably luxurious, these decorative designs exude the intrigue of a priceless antique fit for a Shah’s palace. From deep salmons, rich golds and ice blues, a range of over 30 subtle color hues can be found in each rug, which provides a fantastic painterly finish to these works of floor art.

Marathon Rose-Charcoal

The Inspiration:

Playing with decorative floral elements, the design inspiration behind the Ancient Collection comes from ancient Persian textiles and antiques. Through the use of symmetry, ornate decorative patterns and intricate borders, these refined designs possess signature characteristics found in traditional Persian carpets. Intrigued by the alluring mystique of old paintings and vintage relics, our designers sought to create new rugs with an aged appearance that felt both classically Persian and undeniably modern.

Olympia, Grey-Gold & Argos, Cream Grey

The Process:

To produce a timeworn finish to these carpets without compromising the quality, our rug making team had to discover a method that could achieve the desired faded look without physically damaging the carpet. Rather than using harsh destructive chemicals, the secret recipe came unexpectedly in the form of sand. The unique process known as sandblasting involves strategically blasting the carpet with sand at a highly pressurized rate to evenly reduce its pile height. Sandblasting is 100% natural and ensures that the strength and character of the fibers remain intact and that the color of the dyed yarn is preserved. The method produces a multi-tonal effect of faded soft shades and dramatic saturated colors that artfully blend into each other to create a beautiful antique finish.

Argos, Ivory-Silver


The Shibori Collection

We are delighted to introduce our stylish new Shibori Rug Collection this season. The inspiration for this dynamic line comes from the ancient Japanese dyeing technique of Shibori, best identified by its fluid assortment of soft blurry-edged shapes. These original designs are crafted with high-quality wool, which is dyed by hand to deep saturated indigo hues that evoke the ocean and feelings of tranquility.

Japanese Shirbori techniques can be dated back to the 8th century as a method for dying textiles and kimonos. In order to achieve the desired tie-dyed look, the material was first twisted, crumpled and folded in a number of different ways and then dyed in rich indigo blue hues. Areas of the cloth were bound with dye resistant materials that would preserve areas of white in contrast with the indigo. With infinite variations to explore, this process has inspired designers all over the world to create new patterns and explore the endless possibilities of Shibori.

Our Shibori Collection celebrates this captivating art form. Due to their unique patterns and rich blue color palette, these versatile carpets can easily be incorporated into a number of contemporary interiors or function as a standout piece within a room. Sporting an array of inviting indigo shades, these stylish designs will add a sense of elegance and serenity to a space. As with all things handmade, each rug varies slightly in tone and style, further adding to the unique personality indicative of the traditional Shibori textiles.


Nine Neutral Rug Designs

Craving a fresh new look? We have selected nine neutral rugs that are anything but boring. For seekers of serenity, neutral tone-on-tone color schemes are the perfect way to create a warm and welcoming space that serves as a haven from the hustle and bustle of daily life. When paired with bold and colorful elements, a calm neutral backdrop can serve as the perfect unifying foundation within a space that ultimately ties the room together. From taupe, cream beige and gray these dynamic rugs will bring balance and harmony to any interior look. While trends come and go, neutral colors possess a classic appeal that never goes out of style. If you’re looking for a change, it’s easy to rework a room around high-quality neutral designs that blend well with all colors and trends.

Capri, Cream. Bold in color and modern in style, this fresco inspired design appears as though painted by hand. Each rug from our Leonardo Collection is finely crafted with hand-carded wool, which provides a unique texture to these striking carpets.

Horizon Collection. Horizon is a line of eco-friendly rugs, made from recycled hand-carded wool that has been reworked into new likeminded color groups. Through blending together nuanced color shades, each of these one-of-a-kind rugs possesses an artful multi-tonal finish.

Bryant Park, BeigeThis intricate design is inspired by elements from antique Ottoman, Egyptian and Asian textiles. Bryant Park offers an incredible aesthetic value rare in hand-knotted carpets.

Joy, PewterWilton-loomed and hand-finished, our Nirvana Collection marries modern day technology with traditional handcraft and artistry. Joy, Pewter is a true product of nature, made from high quality wool and bamboo silk. Through reviving the 500-year tradition of Oushak carpet making, this stormy rug is both beautiful and durable.

Shaded, Earth. The Modern Tibet I Collection comprises fine hand-knotted carpets made in Nepal. Crafted with 100% wool pile, this simplistic ombre design is both refreshing and modern.

Kiss, Natural Ivory. This transitional carpet seamlessly fuses old world charm with new world confidence.

Portman, Ivory. Combining various neutral shades, Portman offers a fresh contemporary look.

Herringbone, Pumpkin/Beige. Through the use of herringbone patterns, this piece marries subtle and unique shades of sage, pumpkin and soft crimson. Hand-knotted in Agra, this detailed design epitomizes sophistication through simplicity.

Barbary Quest, Sand. This modern carpet seamlessly fuses the traditional craft of rug making with fine art. Designed by Vaheed Taheri, the award winning creative director of Vaheed Taheri design, Barbary Quest successful achieves visual appeal through the use of line, shape and space.



Spotlight on Sari Silk

Move over grey and taupe! Bright and bold colors are making a comeback in the world of design. At SAMAD, we are now offering a range of vibrant hand-knotted rugs made with recycled sari silk, an eco-friendly material that is sure to make a statement in your interior.

Eco-Friendly Rug Making

Sari silk is a fabric made in India from recycled hand-spun silk leftover from sari making process. Rather than throwing out the extra scraps of the beautiful unused silk, sari manufactures have started sending their production “waste” to co-ops who hand-spin the raw silk into new spools of colorful yarn. The fibers are spun into thick or thin strands of yarn, which ultimately determine the knot-count and overall look of the finished rug. As with all handmade crafts, the yarn possesses a dynamic uneven texture that only adds to its personality and appeal. Unlike temperamental man-made fibers such as viscous, sari silk is spun from silk worms, which produce a fiber unparalleled in softness and durability. Woven together with high-quality New Zealand wool, each sari silk carpet is a unique piece of art that will last for years to come.

The Seville Collection is inspired by the striking landscapes of Andalusia, Spain and its celebrated Moorish imagery and artwork. With Mediterranean blues and deep taupes embellished with vibrant fuchsias and turquoises, these colorful designs evoke the lively spirit of Seville. The intricate blending of long staple wools and sari silk provide a unique multi-textural quality and sheen to this dynamic collection.

A punch of color can add a youthful touch that will embolden a neutral interior, without compromising the elegance of the space.


The Transcendence Collections

Luxury, elegance, and innovation are the defining factors from which our new Transcendence Collections are born. Like any work of fine art, there is much thought and detailed craftsmanship that goes into the making of each Transcendence rug. When it comes to color, we have carefully selected a wide range of complimentary, nuanced shades that give these carpets a paint-like feel. Through Transcendence you will find dynamic palettes of rich golds, soft lilacs, deep blues, and stormy greys that reflect an array of moods and emotions.

The design inspiration behind this transitional collection combines a mixture of old and new styles and concepts. Adorned with decorative floral motifs, Transcendence rugs exhibit an artful blend of traditional design elements with a bold contemporary color palette. Furthermore, the rugs are made with ancient weaving and finishing techniques, which have been passed down from generation to generation. With thousands of hands involved in the making of each rug, there is a personality and charm found in these handmade creations that cannot be replicated by a machine.

These lustrous Transcendence designs are constructed in two high-end qualities: wool and hand-carved silk pile and 100% silk pile. The addition of hand-spun silk provides a beautiful sheen and texture to the carpet and a delightful luxurious feeling beneath your feet.

The Brilliance Blues design is the embodiment of sophistication with its classical floral motifs and rich shades of blue and taupe. Brilliance exudes refined grace and style that will embolden any interior.


10 Tranquil Winter Rugs

For lovers of snowflakes, bare branches and frozen lakes, we have selected 10 chilling rugs that will keep the magic of winter alive all year long. Contemporary design seeks to create spaces that offer tranquility, peace and refuge from the stresses of daily life. With a variety of hues ranging from white and ivory to cool grey and icy blue, these elegant designs will transform an ordinary interior into a serene winter wonderland.

Passionate, Blueprint from the Amour Reserve Wool and Silk Collection is hand knotted with hand carded wool and hand-spun silk. With an icy palette of blues and ivories, this transitional design gives the impression of a peaceful snowfall.

The fresh Bryant Park, White from the Manhattan Reserve Part Silk Collection is inspired by Ottoman design elements.

With its deep blue backdrop topped with elegant white silk motifs, Bliss, Midnight from the Paradise Wool and Silk Collection offers an undeniable elegance.

Prestige, Silver from the Transcendence Wool and Silk Collection is made with high levels of hand carved silk, that give an icy shimmer to this stark design.

Everest, Ice Blue from the Pinnacle Wool and Silk Collection.

Radiant, Silver from the Vogue Collection gets its inspiration from the dramatic landscapes of Kashmir, India with its glacial lakes and snow caped mountains.

Collette, Blue-Gold from the Tres Jolie Collection.

Argos, Ivory-Silver from the Ancient Wool and Silk Collection.

Offering an impression of snow capped trees, Woodlands, Silvery from the Modern Tibet 4 Collection transports you into a magically winter scene.

Fashionista, Platinum from the Avant Garde Reserve Wool and Silk Collection.


A Mini Rug Catalog


Our new, compact mini rug catalog is out, and we can’t wait to spread the word!

  Featuring 14 of our contemporary collections, our goal is to provide a concise overview of our latest designs in a way that is easily accessible, informative and user-friendly. Click here to view the catalog and learn more about our vibrant Modern and Transitional handmade rug collections.


Impressions Wool & Silk

The imaginative Impressions Wool & Silk Collection is finely woven with hand-carded wool and hand-spun, hand-carved silk. With hues of blue, lilac, gold and taupe, these dreamlike designs are both vibrant and captivating.


Amour Collections

The Amour line offers transitional designs, which seamlessly fuse old world charm with new world confidence. These finely woven carpets are made in two qualities: both with hand- carded wool and hand spun silk, and many designs with hand-carvings. Though adorned with traditional motifs, Amour rugs are not afraid to experiment with bold vibrant colors.


Modern Tibet Collections

The Modern Tibet Collections comprises a series of innovative and refreshing modern designs that are hand-knotted in Nepal. This Collection is hand crafted in four qualities, which range in their levels of silk.


10 Rugs that Make the Room


The right rug has a unique ability to shape a room and determine the overall atmosphere within a space. Not solely a treat for your feet, a rug can tie the elements of a room together. Stated simply by Edgar Allen Poe, “the carpet is the soul of the apartment.”

Here are 10 Samad rugs that brighten their interiors.

Lyone Multi

Lyon, Multi 

With the collaboration between SAMAD and the acclaimed artist Rex Ray, Lyon, Multi is both imaginative and dynamic. This Rex Ray rug is handmade with fine wool hand knotted in Jaipur, India by master weavers. Bursting with color and energy, Rex Ray’s eye-catching work draws inspiration from the mid-century modernist style.

Galaxy Elements

Galaxy, Graphite

Inspired by the elements of nature, this modern design reflects a variety of landscapes. Hand-woven in Nepal with hand-carded wool and hand-carved silk, the Elements Collection is diverse in texture, with parts flat and raised, like the earth itself.


Burbur, Khaki

This plush Moroccan inspired design is heaven beneath your feet. With a neutral color palette and dynamic diamond design, this transitional design is beyond basic.



Gothatm, Black & Tribeca, Stone

These intricate designs from the Manhattan Reserve Collection are inspired by elements from antique Ottoman, Egyptian and Asian textiles. Made with hand-carded wool, these finely woven rugs offer an incredible aesthetic value rare in hand-knotted carpets.


A-105, Multi

This modern design from the Whimsical Collection is truly art for the floor. Woven and sheared low in the style of antique carpets, A-105 offers soothing hues of taupe, gold and pale blue, which provide a sense of calm and serenity within a space.


Armstrong, Charcoal

This Ikat inspired designs offers dynamic and expressive shapes that evoke the scattered rhythms and spontaneous beats of a soulful Jazz song. Made with hand-carded wool, this vibrant rug exudes style and personality.


Dalliance, Maize

This pretty pink rug from our Amour Reserve Wool & Silk Collection offers a transitional design which seamlessly fuses old world charm with new world confidence. This finely woven carpet is made with hand-carded wool and hand spun, hand carved silk.

Amaze Cream

Amaze, Cream

Amaze, Cream from the Serendipity Wool & Silk Collection combines traditional decorative and floral elements with a unique and vibrant color palette. Made with hand-carded wool and hand-spun, hand-carved silk, this eye-catching piece is both striking and elegant.


Antewing, Ivory

Antewing, Ivory from the Modern Tibet III Collection is finely hand-knotted in Nepal. Hand-crafted with wool and up to 50% silk, this innovative design is both refreshing and modern.


Bold Bohemian Rugs


Trailblazers, free spirits, gypsies and vagabonds. The original Bohemians of the mid-1800s where thought to be all of these things. Considered eccentric and avant-garde, the term Bohemian is associated with those with the will to challenge convention and defy status quo. So it is fitting that Bohemian style (also known as Boho-chic) follows in this tradition of self-expression and individual thought. Unlike many design styles that adhere to a set of defined principles, Boho-chic design appears spontaneous and free flowing; a mélange of unexpected elements that together, tell a unique story. In the spirit of la bohème, we have handpicked a selection of bold Bohemian designs from various Samad collections that are anything but plain Jane. With vibrant color schemes and eclectic patterns, these free spirited rugs simply refuse to conform. Through juxtaposing old and new concepts and motifs, these expressive designs radiate personality and charisma.


1) Rio Grande Flateweave Collection
2) Avant-Garde Wool & Silk Collection
3 & 8) Bohemian Collection
4) Vintage Collection
5) Sari Silk Collection
6) Antique Savonnerie Collection
7 & 11) Vogue Collection
9) Manhattan Reserve Collection
10) Burbur Collection
12) Jazz Collection