5 Winter Rug Trends

With the temperature dropping outside, tis’ the season to retreat indoors and escape winter’s icy bite. In the spirit of the season, our design team has selected 5 cool-toned rugs that reflect the crisp atmosphere of wintertime (minus the dreaded chill).

Nirvana Collection – Paradise, Ivory

A true product of nature, Paradise, Ivory is made from high quality wool and bamboo silk. This modern design offers a palette of creams, lavenders and blues and gives off a beautiful sheen depending on which angle you approach it from.

Amour Wool and Silk – Darling, White

The height of elegance, this transitional design seamlessly fuses old-world charm with new world confidence. Darling, White is loomed with hand-carded wool and hand spun silk, which is hand-carved to provide an added element of dynamism and texture.

Manhattan Silk Collection – Essex, Beau Blue

Inspired by elements from antique Ottoman, Egyptian and Asian textiles, the intricate and luxurious Essex, Beau Blue is crafted with 100% hand-spun silk.

Transcendence Wool & Silk Collection – Prestige, Blue-Grey

Adorned with decorative floral motifs, Prestige, Blue-Grey exhibits an artful blend of traditional design elements with a bold contemporary color palette.

The Mystique Collection – Charisma, Blue-Silver

Youthful and effortless, Charisma, Blue-Silver offers a subtle gradient of soft neutral tones that gradually shift between light and dark hues. This mood-evoking pile rug is extremely soft underfoot.




Spellbound, Ivory 

The elegant and inviting Nirvana and Nirvana Couture Collections make the perfect rugs to spruce up your holiday decor. Marrying modern day technology with traditional handcraft and artistry, these transitional collections are made with high quality wool and bamboo silk.

Joy, Pewter

Wilton-loomed and hand-finished, our Nirvana Collection marries modern day technology with traditional handcraft and artistry. As a new counterpart to our high-end selection, Nirvana offers a moderately priced alternative, which remains uncompromising in authenticity and style. Unlike inexpensive machine-made carpets produced from Acrylic and Polypropylene, the Nirvana Collection is a true product of nature, made from high quality wool and bamboo silk. Each carpet is then washed and sheared completely by hand, sharing the same intricate finishing process as our handmade carpets. Through reviving the 500-year tradition of Oushak carpet making, we are excited to present a new line of rugs that are both beautiful and durable.



Our new digital Rug Collections Catalog is out and we can’t wait to share our latest arrivals with you. From subtle transitional patterns to bold and modern designs, each of these sophisticated new lines offer their own unique style and back-story.

In collaboration with industry renowned Teddy Summer, the Caspian Collection is hand-knotted in India using a Turkish weave and hand-spun Middle Eastern wool. These exclusive designs are largely modern adaptations of timeless traditional patterns colored to suit today’s interiors. The resulting variation in texture and color gives these carpets a sense of personality similar to that of antique carpets.

The bold offers elegant floral designs available in a variety of vibrant and dynamic color shades. These rugs are crafted in India and Hand-knotted with 100% New Zealand wool, which offer a beautiful texture and feel.Shangri La Collection

Wilton-loomed and hand-finished, the Timeless Collection marries modern day technology with traditional handcraft and artistry. Made in Turkey from high quality wool and bamboo silk, these carpets are a true product of nature. Through reviving the 500-year tradition of Oushak carpet making, we are proud to present a bold new line of rugs unrivaled in both style and elegance.

Hand-knotted in India, the luxurious Savoy Collection is hand crafted with hand-carded wool infused with metal threads. Each of these intricate designs offers an assortment of decorative motifs and multi-tonal color shades that blend together seamlessly to create a harmonious aesthetic.