Nine Neutral Rug Designs

Craving a fresh new look? We have selected nine neutral rugs that are anything but boring. For seekers of serenity, neutral tone-on-tone color schemes are the perfect way to create a warm and welcoming space that serves as a haven from the hustle and bustle of daily life. When paired with bold and colorful elements, a calm neutral backdrop can serve as the perfect unifying foundation within a space that ultimately ties the room together. From taupe, cream beige and gray these dynamic rugs will bring balance and harmony to any interior look. While trends come and go, neutral colors possess a classic appeal that never goes out of style. If you’re looking for a change, it’s easy to rework a room around high-quality neutral designs that blend well with all colors and trends.

Capri, Cream. Bold in color and modern in style, this fresco inspired design appears as though painted by hand. Each rug from our Leonardo Collection is finely crafted with hand-carded wool, which provides a unique texture to these striking carpets.

Horizon Collection. Horizon is a line of eco-friendly rugs, made from recycled hand-carded wool that has been reworked into new likeminded color groups. Through blending together nuanced color shades, each of these one-of-a-kind rugs possesses an artful multi-tonal finish.

Bryant Park, BeigeThis intricate design is inspired by elements from antique Ottoman, Egyptian and Asian textiles. Bryant Park offers an incredible aesthetic value rare in hand-knotted carpets.

Joy, PewterWilton-loomed and hand-finished, our Nirvana Collection marries modern day technology with traditional handcraft and artistry. Joy, Pewter is a true product of nature, made from high quality wool and bamboo silk. Through reviving the 500-year tradition of Oushak carpet making, this stormy rug is both beautiful and durable.

Shaded, Earth. The Modern Tibet I Collection comprises fine hand-knotted carpets made in Nepal. Crafted with 100% wool pile, this simplistic ombre design is both refreshing and modern.

Kiss, Natural Ivory. This transitional carpet seamlessly fuses old world charm with new world confidence.

Portman, Ivory. Combining various neutral shades, Portman offers a fresh contemporary look.

Herringbone, Pumpkin/Beige. Through the use of herringbone patterns, this piece marries subtle and unique shades of sage, pumpkin and soft crimson. Hand-knotted in Agra, this detailed design epitomizes sophistication through simplicity.

Barbary Quest, Sand. This modern carpet seamlessly fuses the traditional craft of rug making with fine art. Designed by Vaheed Taheri, the award winning creative director of Vaheed Taheri design, Barbary Quest successful achieves visual appeal through the use of line, shape and space.



Spotlight on Sari Silk

Move over grey and taupe! Bright and bold colors are making a comeback in the world of design. At SAMAD, we are now offering a range of vibrant hand-knotted rugs made with recycled sari silk, an eco-friendly material that is sure to make a statement in your interior.

Eco-Friendly Rug Making

Sari silk is a fabric made in India from recycled hand-spun silk leftover from sari making process. Rather than throwing out the extra scraps of the beautiful unused silk, sari manufactures have started sending their production “waste” to co-ops who hand-spin the raw silk into new spools of colorful yarn. The fibers are spun into thick or thin strands of yarn, which ultimately determine the knot-count and overall look of the finished rug. As with all handmade crafts, the yarn possesses a dynamic uneven texture that only adds to its personality and appeal. Unlike temperamental man-made fibers such as viscous, sari silk is spun from silk worms, which produce a fiber unparalleled in softness and durability. Woven together with high-quality New Zealand wool, each sari silk carpet is a unique piece of art that will last for years to come.

The Seville Collection is inspired by the striking landscapes of Andalusia, Spain and its celebrated Moorish imagery and artwork. With Mediterranean blues and deep taupes embellished with vibrant fuchsias and turquoises, these colorful designs evoke the lively spirit of Seville. The intricate blending of long staple wools and sari silk provide a unique multi-textural quality and sheen to this dynamic collection.

A punch of color can add a youthful touch that will embolden a neutral interior, without compromising the elegance of the space.


The Transcendence Collections

Luxury, elegance, and innovation are the defining factors from which our new Transcendence Collections are born. Like any work of fine art, there is much thought and detailed craftsmanship that goes into the making of each Transcendence rug. When it comes to color, we have carefully selected a wide range of complimentary, nuanced shades that give these carpets a paint-like feel. Through Transcendence you will find dynamic palettes of rich golds, soft lilacs, deep blues, and stormy greys that reflect an array of moods and emotions.

The design inspiration behind this transitional collection combines a mixture of old and new styles and concepts. Adorned with decorative floral motifs, Transcendence rugs exhibit an artful blend of traditional design elements with a bold contemporary color palette. Furthermore, the rugs are made with ancient weaving and finishing techniques, which have been passed down from generation to generation. With thousands of hands involved in the making of each rug, there is a personality and charm found in these handmade creations that cannot be replicated by a machine.

These lustrous Transcendence designs are constructed in two high-end qualities: wool and hand-carved silk pile and 100% silk pile. The addition of hand-spun silk provides a beautiful sheen and texture to the carpet and a delightful luxurious feeling beneath your feet.

The Brilliance Blues design is the embodiment of sophistication with its classical floral motifs and rich shades of blue and taupe. Brilliance exudes refined grace and style that will embolden any interior.


10 Tranquil Winter Rugs

For lovers of snowflakes, bare branches and frozen lakes, we have selected 10 chilling rugs that will keep the magic of winter alive all year long. Contemporary design seeks to create spaces that offer tranquility, peace and refuge from the stresses of daily life. With a variety of hues ranging from white and ivory to cool grey and icy blue, these elegant designs will transform an ordinary interior into a serene winter wonderland.

Passionate, Blueprint from the Amour Reserve Wool and Silk Collection is hand knotted with hand carded wool and hand-spun silk. With an icy palette of blues and ivories, this transitional design gives the impression of a peaceful snowfall.

The fresh Bryant Park, White from the Manhattan Reserve Part Silk Collection is inspired by Ottoman design elements.

With its deep blue backdrop topped with elegant white silk motifs, Bliss, Midnight from the Paradise Wool and Silk Collection offers an undeniable elegance.

Prestige, Silver from the Transcendence Wool and Silk Collection is made with high levels of hand carved silk, that give an icy shimmer to this stark design.

Everest, Ice Blue from the Pinnacle Wool and Silk Collection.

Radiant, Silver from the Vogue Collection gets its inspiration from the dramatic landscapes of Kashmir, India with its glacial lakes and snow caped mountains.

Collette, Blue-Gold from the Tres Jolie Collection.

Argos, Ivory-Silver from the Ancient Wool and Silk Collection.

Offering an impression of snow capped trees, Woodlands, Silvery from the Modern Tibet 4 Collection transports you into a magically winter scene.

Fashionista, Platinum from the Avant Garde Reserve Wool and Silk Collection.


A Father-Daughter Business Trip

After some persuasion, I managed to convince my father to let me tag along on his bi-annual business trip to India and Nepal. Though I’d been to both countries in the past, I knew that this trip would be different. My father warned me that our visit was strictly business, which meant no quick stops at the Taj Mahal or the Ganges River and that our only shopping sprees would be rug related. We were booked for mid-July, in the heat of the scorching Indian summer, but the fear of sunstroke would not shake my excitement. Working at SAMAD for three years, I’d come to learn all about our rug collections (their different qualities and unique styles), but it was the rug making process that fascinated me most. Our documentary, The Colors of India, illuminates the painstaking detail and craftsmanship that goes into the making of each handmade rug and now I’d finally get the chance to see it first hand.

So we were off! Our itinerary was concise and efficient: 10 days, 9 flights, 6 cities/villages and 1 train ride.


We spent time visiting each of our manufacturers, selecting new designs, overseeing our latest shipments and of course, for my father, visiting old friends. From large urban operations with air-conditioned showrooms and in-house production centers to small facilities located in rural villages, I quickly became aware of the wide range of diversity within the world of rug making. What was most interesting about these visits was meeting the faces behind our collections. From fun and bubbly to elegant and reserved, I began to see the different personalities of our suppliers and how they clearly reflected in their creations, bringing new meaning to the rugs that surround me each day.


I was amazed by the creativity and inspiration gathered from around the globe. Influences from cathedral wall paintings, Turkish floor mosaics, Celtic knot work and the Manhattan skyline (to name but a few) have given rise to some of our most intricate and eye catching designs. I was shown how ideas and sketches are brought to life with the help of design software used to build new patterns, customize existing ones and experiment with color and style. Incorporating factors such as pile height, silk level and knot size, the software is able to give a detailed projection of how the final product will look, which offers more room for creativity and minimizes error. It was fascinating to see technology and modern innovations being applied to this ancient craft that has been practiced for thousands of years.


Our rug makers took the time to introduce us to some amazing initiatives that are beneficial to both their local communities and the environment. One supplier described how he found himself with a storeroom filled with leftover yarn that had accumulated from old projects. Instead of wasting it, he decided to rework groups of likeminded colors into new yarn and use the recycled wool to produce a line of eco-friendly rugs, now known as our Horizon Collection. In Nepal, we learned about DreamWeavers, an inspiring program started by one of our manufacturers that aims to empower marginalized women by training them in the art of carpet weaving. They teach tangible weaving skills to those in need, while providing education for the children of weavers to break from the ongoing cycle of poverty.


Upon returning to the office our whole showroom suddenly felt different. Surrounded by rugs from all of our collections, it was as if the people I had met and the landscapes of India and Nepal had been brought back with me to New Jersey. Like my father and his father before him, I felt proud to be another knot in the fabric of this ever-changing industry.


The Animal Kingdom Collection


Roaring with confidence, our new Animal Kingdom Collection may just be Samad’s fiercest line yet. Depicting detailed scenes of animals in the wild, these show stopping designs are the perfect addition to liven up an interior.


The inspiration for the dynamic Wild Horses design came from a vivid photograph of wild horses. The challenge was figuring out how to convert the captivating image into a full-fledged rug, without compromising the authenticity of the captured moment. In order to render an accurate depiction, a drawing was made and painted with careful attention to recreating the specific color shades found in the photo. A knotting graph was then added to the painting to delineate a clear pattern for the weavers to follow. This process involved adapting each inch of the painting into a grid that incorporated the exact shading and color nuances necessary to reconstruct the scene. A group of master weavers, each with no less than 25 years of experience, where assigned the task of bringing the rug to life. With many skilled artisans involved in the creation of Wild Horses, the finished product is a true testament to the craftsmanship and ingenuity, taking place in the world of hand-knotted rugs today.

153263-animal-kingdom-wild-horses-8-0-x-10-1Wild Horses, Animal Kingdom Collection


Browse the complete collection here:


Rex Ray for Samad



Bursting with color and energy, we have some new additions to our eye-catching Rex Ray Collection that we would love to share with you. Each rug is crafted with the finest wools and hand-knotted in Jaipur India by master weavers. Inspired by fashion, pop culture and mid-century modernist style, Rex Ray’s captivating designs are simply “art for the floor.”

Take at look at our new Rex Ray Catalog to view the complete collection.


In 2009 Samad and the late artist Rex Ray collaborated to create an exclusive line of bold imaginative handmade rugs and silk scarves. During his lifetime Rex experimented with a number of creative mediums, generating a prolific body of artwork that is recognized for its innovative pop aesthetic. With a timeless design style, the art of Rex Ray continues to live on today through our vibrant Rex Ray Rug Collection.


View the Rex Ray silk scarf collection:


View the new Rex Ray catalog:


The Nirvana Collection


Introducing Nirvana, SAMAD’s very first machine made rug collection! Crafted on Wilton Looms in western Turkey, these transitional designs marry modern day technology with traditional handcraft and artistry.

As a new counterpart to our high-end selection, Nirvana offers a more affordable alternative that remains uncompromising in authenticity and style. Unlike inexpensive machine-made carpets produced from acrylic and polypropylene, the Nirvana Collection is a true product of nature, made from high quality wool and bamboo silk. Machines are used solely to tie the carpets together, with the rest of the process done by completely by hand. Each carpet is hand-washed and sheared, sharing the same meticulous finishing process as our handmade carpets to maintain the authenticity and artistry of the rugs.


Joy, Pewter

Why natural?

We cannot ignore the lasting impact that the materials we use have on creating a sophisticated product that does not leave behind a harmful carbon footprint. Going natural also insures the upmost quality and durability. Using natural materials allows the rugs to breath and to gather less dust than with synthetic fibers.


Paradise, Ivory


Elation, Charcoal


Paradise, Cream

Through reviving the 500-year tradition of Oushak carpet making, we are excited to present a new line of rugs that are beautiful, durable and affordable.


Blue is the New Black


From soft pale shades to deep indigos and rich azures, blue is back and making a splash in the world of décor. With a multitude of tones ranging from cool to warm, the color blue is beloved by designers for its versatility and calming nature. We have selected 12 blissful blue rugs in a variety of hues that illustrate the endless possibilities when it comes to decorating in blue.


 Light and airy hues of blue are known to calm the mind and brighten a room. In shades of pale aqua and powder blue, these rugs can be easily incorporated into any interior to create a space that is open and inviting.

1. Love Affair, Turquoise 2. Duke, Sky Blue 3. Aragon, Blue 4. Thrill, Blue-Grey



Neither too dark nor too light, these dynamic rugs can be paired with a variety of color palettes and room settings. Reflecting tones from sky to sea, these shades are reminiscent of the beautiful blues found in nature.

5. Odyssey, Blues 6. Catadage, Sky Blue 7. Brilliance, Blues 8. Napoli, Blues



From deep cobalt to rich midnight, there is something undeniably luxurious about these dramatic rugs. The dark blue tones provide an aura of mystery and refinement, fitting for bold and sophisticated spaces.

9. Bryant Park, Azure 10. Hip, Midnight 11. Adorable, Blue 12. Bliss, Midnight



A Mini Rug Catalog


Our new, compact mini rug catalog is out, and we can’t wait to spread the word!

  Featuring 14 of our contemporary collections, our goal is to provide a concise overview of our latest designs in a way that is easily accessible, informative and user-friendly. Click here to view the catalog and learn more about our vibrant Modern and Transitional handmade rug collections.


Impressions Wool & Silk

The imaginative Impressions Wool & Silk Collection is finely woven with hand-carded wool and hand-spun, hand-carved silk. With hues of blue, lilac, gold and taupe, these dreamlike designs are both vibrant and captivating.


Amour Collections

The Amour line offers transitional designs, which seamlessly fuse old world charm with new world confidence. These finely woven carpets are made in two qualities: both with hand- carded wool and hand spun silk, and many designs with hand-carvings. Though adorned with traditional motifs, Amour rugs are not afraid to experiment with bold vibrant colors.


Modern Tibet Collections

The Modern Tibet Collections comprises a series of innovative and refreshing modern designs that are hand-knotted in Nepal. This Collection is hand crafted in four qualities, which range in their levels of silk.