Mood-Evoking Mystique Rugs

Youthful and effortless, our Mystique Collection takes the traditional art of rug making to the next level. As color has the unique power to affect our emotions and set the tone within a space, it is this ever-changing relationship between color and mood that define our Mystique line of rugs. From soft neutral tones to rich crimsons and ocean blues, Mystique designs play with subtle gradient shades that gradually shift between light and dark hues. These mood-evoking color palettes reflect everyday feelings of passion, sorrow, joy and romance by simulating the ebbs and flows of our human experience.

From afar the designs appear almost solid, however upon closer inspection one can see organized groupings of small geometric shapes such as lattices, squares, zig-zags that blend into one-another to create an intricate and balanced pattern.

Extremely textural, these wide-knotted rugs offer a soft and substantial feel underfoot. Every carpet is expertly crafted with a thick blend of hand-spun wools from New Zealand and Europe. Each rug is meticulously woven with thick hand-spun yarn that is evenly sheared to a consistent pile height, making them undeniably plush.

With subtle blended colors and patterns, Mystique rugs can easily be incorporated into contemporary or transitional interiors as a unifying element that ties the whole room together.

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