The Heart of Handmade

In a day and age where machines reign supreme and mass production dominates the market, it is always a treat to come across those rare and special items that are made by hand and heart.

Whether they be hand spun/crafted/grown/sown/painted/dyed/loomed/groomed/tailored or embroidered, it is the artistry, workmanship and attention to detail behind these products that make them so remarkable.

At SAMAD we like to keep it old school. We have chosen to honor and preserve the ancient craft of rugmaking, an art passed down for generations which is sadly in danger of becoming extinct.

Each one of our rugs is completely handmade with hundreds of people involved in the design and production process, which means no two rugs at SAMAD are ever identical.

Even our programed designs have slight variations from piece to piece. To us, this is the beauty of our product. Each rug is completely unique, a direct result of time and place with a personality and backstory that can be found within each knot. It is this sense of spirit and soul that is impossible to replicate in mainstream production.

As proud members and supporters of the handmade community, we are so happy to offer a product that is not only unrivaled in quality and design, but is also able to bring a little more artistry and beauty into the world.

handmade rug

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