Every Rug Tells a Story


Every handmade rug tells a story.

The tale begins like most, with a spark of inspiration. Undergoing write and re-write, the initial vision slowly develops into a carefully mapped-out blueprint. To grant body and form to this rendering, a number of essential steps must occur including hand spinning, dyeing and knotting the wool (and or silk). The woven creation is then washed, dried, sheered, stretched and sometimes hand carved, passing through the hands of many skilled craftsmen in the process. Next the rug (yes, we can now call it a rug) is packaged, shipped and delivered to us where it will soon be re-packaged, re-shipped and re-delivered to illuminate and beautify interiors around the country and globe.

Still, the story does not end here. The rug then inhabits an interior, providing allure and comfort within its environs. When selected wisely, it compliments its surroundings and has the unique ability to tie the elements of a room together. It greets all approaching visitors and elevates the space in which it resides.

In this spirit of storytelling, we were inspired to compile a series of imaginative photos that illustrate the living journey behind our rugs and the tales they tell. Through these playful images we hope to continue their ongoing narratives while having some fun in the process.

We hope you enjoy!


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