Employee Spotlight: Rao Siriki

Employee Spotlight: Rao Siriki

Working with SAMAD for the last twenty-four years, Rao Siriki currently serves as the company’s Executive Vice President.

Born in Kakinada, a small village in the southern part of India, Rao completed his studies at the University of Andhra in Vishakapatnam, graduating with a master’s degree in Economics.

After working for some years as a financial administrator, Rao immigrated to the United States in July of 1984 where he was first introduced to the rug business.

Rao Siriki Samad Brothers

In 1990 Rao began working for brothers, David and Malcolm Samad, as their first employee. Through working closely alongside the Samad brothers, Rao soon became an essential asset to the company.

Together, the three witnessed SAMAD flourish from a small, modest operation into a successful business, highly regarded for producing some of the world’s finest decorative rugs.

In his roles as inventory and sales manager, Rao interacts daily with customers and suppliers to coordinate shipments and determine where all items in the SAMAD warehouse are housed. As Rao oversees the daily inflow and outflow of rugs from the SAMAD warehouse, he is exceptionally knowledgeable about the product and familiar with all SAMAD collections.

Rao’s keen eye for color and design, successfully enable him to direct customers towards the particular rug they are looking for.

SAMAD manufactuers and markets top quality rugs, which involve a meticulous and time-consuming process.

From design to dyeing, weaving and finishing there is much creativity and detail oriented labor that goes into each handmade rug. For this reason SAMAD considers educating the consumer paramount, and Rao’s vast knowledge of the production of handmade rugs make him a wonderful resource in this endeavor.

The positive energy Rao brings to the workplace, his humility, work ethic and overall devotion to his job, make him a valued member of the SAMAD family.

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