Spotlight on Sari Silk

Move over grey and taupe! Bright and bold colors are making a comeback in the world of design. At SAMAD, we are now offering a range of vibrant hand-knotted rugs made with recycled sari silk, an eco-friendly material that is sure to make a statement in your interior. Eco-Friendly Rug Making Sari silk is a […]

The Transcendence Collections

Luxury, elegance, and innovation are the defining factors from which our new Transcendence Collections are born. Like any work of fine art, there is much thought and detailed craftsmanship that goes into the making of each Transcendence rug. When it comes to color, we have carefully selected a wide range of complimentary, nuanced shades that […]

10 Tranquil Winter Rugs

For lovers of snowflakes, bare branches and frozen lakes, we have selected 10 chilling rugs that will keep the magic of winter alive all year long. Contemporary design seeks to create spaces that offer tranquility, peace and refuge from the stresses of daily life. With a variety of hues ranging from white and ivory to […]

A Father-Daughter Business Trip

After some persuasion, I managed to convince my father to let me tag along on his bi-annual business trip to India and Nepal. Though I’d been to both countries in the past, I knew that this trip would be different. My father warned me that our visit was strictly business, which meant no quick stops […]

The Animal Kingdom Collection

Roaring with confidence, our new Animal Kingdom Collection may just be Samad’s fiercest line yet. Depicting detailed scenes of animals in the wild, these show stopping designs are the perfect addition to liven up an interior. The inspiration for the dynamic Wild Horses design came from a vivid photograph of wild horses. The challenge was […]

Rex Ray for Samad

Bursting with color and energy, we have some new additions to our eye-catching Rex Ray Collection that we would love to share with you. Each rug is crafted with the finest wools and hand-knotted in Jaipur India by master weavers. Inspired by fashion, pop culture and mid-century modernist style, Rex Ray’s captivating designs are simply “art for the floor.” Take […]

The Nirvana Collection

Introducing Nirvana, SAMAD’s very first machine made rug collection! Crafted on Wilton Looms in western Turkey, these transitional designs marry modern day technology with traditional handcraft and artistry. As a new counterpart to our high-end selection, Nirvana offers a more affordable alternative that remains uncompromising in authenticity and style. Unlike inexpensive machine-made carpets produced from […]

Blue is the New Black

From soft pale shades to deep indigos and rich azures, blue is back and making a splash in the world of décor. With a multitude of tones ranging from cool to warm, the color blue is beloved by designers for its versatility and calming nature. We have selected 12 blissful blue rugs in a variety […]

A Mini Rug Catalog

Our new, compact mini rug catalog is out, and we can’t wait to spread the word!   Featuring 14 of our contemporary collections, our goal is to provide a concise overview of our latest designs in a way that is easily accessible, informative and user-friendly. Click here to view the catalog and learn more about […]

10 Rugs that Make the Room

The right rug has a unique ability to shape a room and determine the overall atmosphere within a space. Not solely a treat for your feet, a rug can tie the elements of a room together. Stated simply by Edgar Allen Poe, “the carpet is the soul of the apartment.” Here are 10 Samad rugs […]