Around the World with SAMAD

From the stately manors of Britain and France, through the colorful marketplaces of India, to the heart of rural Africa and the isles of the Caribbean, a visual world tour may be had with a single trip to the SAMAD warehouse. As many of our collections at SAMAD draw inspiration from different cultures and international styles, we offer a diverse array of designs that will bring life to any interior.

Through the use of assorted geometric shapes and vibrant colors, the Africa Collection takes its inspiration from African tribal patterns and traditional pottery and textile design. While designs such as Mozambique exhibit abstract configurations and playful asymmetry commonly found in African textiles, they are similarly hand crafted by artisans, undergoing an intricate weaving and dying process.

Afica Collection Samad Rugs

Inspiration for the Vogue Collection is derived from the dramatic landscapes of Kashmir, India. Vogue rugs are made from the finest blends of long staple wools from New Zealand, Argentina and India which provide a lustrous textural finish. The vibrant collection illustrates brilliant colors of nature, such as azure blue skies, glacial lakes, snow capped mountains and highland meadow flowers. Paying homage to the ancient craft of woven Kashmir shawls, Vogue rugs fuse classic Kashmiri designs with bold and modern color pallets.

Vogue Collection Samad Rugs

Our Manhattan collections are skillfully colored and produced with the finest materials which contribute to their overall unique look. Inspired by elements from antique Ottoman, Egyptian and Asian textiles, these collections offer an incredible aesthetic value rarely seen in hand knotted carpets. While the Rio Grande collection draws inspiration from antique kilims made by the nomadic tribes of Turkey and Iran, the decorative pastels designs of the Caribbean Breeze collection simply reflect a tranquil island landscape. Elegance takes on a new meaning with our luxurious Paradise collections. Made with the finest hand carded wool, carved silk and European fabrics, the Paradise collections exudes a sense of sophistication fit for an English manor.

Manhattan Collection Samad Rugs

At SAMAD we are proud to showcase such a wide range of decorative rugs that encompass a multiplicity of styles and influences from around the world. Visit our website for the grand SAMAD world tour.

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