Ancient Wool & Silk Collection

Old and new find perfect harmony in our elegant Ancient Wool and Silk Collection. This transitional line of rugs expertly blends inviting traditional motifs with contemporary color shades to create a clean finished look. Extremely versatile and undeniably luxurious, these decorative designs exude the intrigue of a priceless antique fit for a Shah’s palace. From deep salmons, rich golds and ice blues, a range of over 30 subtle color hues can be found in each rug, which provides a fantastic painterly finish to these works of floor art.

Marathon Rose-Charcoal

The Inspiration:

Playing with decorative floral elements, the design inspiration behind the Ancient Collection comes from ancient Persian textiles and antiques. Through the use of symmetry, ornate decorative patterns and intricate borders, these refined designs possess signature characteristics found in traditional Persian carpets. Intrigued by the alluring mystique of old paintings and vintage relics, our designers sought to create new rugs with an aged appearance that felt both classically Persian and undeniably modern.

Olympia, Grey-Gold & Argos, Cream Grey

The Process:

To produce a timeworn finish to these carpets without compromising the quality, our rug making team had to discover a method that could achieve the desired faded look without physically damaging the carpet. Rather than using harsh destructive chemicals, the secret recipe came unexpectedly in the form of sand. The unique process known as sandblasting involves strategically blasting the carpet with sand at a highly pressurized rate to evenly reduce its pile height. Sandblasting is 100% natural and ensures that the strength and character of the fibers remain intact and that the color of the dyed yarn is preserved. The method produces a multi-tonal effect of faded soft shades and dramatic saturated colors that artfully blend into each other to create a beautiful antique finish.

Argos, Ivory-Silver

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