8 Beautiful Kitchen Runner Rugs

8 Beautiful Kitchen Runner Rugs

Laying down the right runner rug is an excellent way to enhance those functional, yet often overlooked spaces in your home. While runners have been traditionally used to beautify entryways, hallways and staircases, the trend towards kitchen runner rugs is growing in popularity and for good reason. Not only can a quality kitchen runner rug offer physical support and cushioning underfoot, it also allows for a welcoming and homey workspace.  

For inspiration, we’ve selected these 8 beautiful kitchen runner rugs that bring character and comfort to a wide range of decor styles.


Manhattan Reserve Collection: Sutton Place, Blue

This eye-catching Manhattan Reserve kitchen runner adds personality to an otherwise minimalist space. Crafted with hand-carded wool, the finely-woven Sutton Place design incorporates elements from antique textiles offering an incredible aesthetic value for both contemporary and traditional decor.

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Vogue Collection: Bel Air, Linen

The inspiration behind The Bel Air, Linen from the Vogue Collection comes from Kashmir, India. This beautiful kitchen runner is inspired by the azure blue skies, glacial lakes, snow capped mountains that define the region. Vogue Rugs are made from the finest blends of long-staple lustrous wools which provide sumptuous textural finish.

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Whimsical Reserve Collection: A105, Multi

Woven and sheared low in the style of an antique carpet, the A105 rug design from Whimsical Reserve Collection is hand-knotted with 100% wool pile. It’s earthy color palette and abstract design make this rug a great fit for contemporary spaces.

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151508 Vintage Collection

Hand-crafted in Turkey with low wool pile, Vintage Collection Rugs are all one-one-of-a-kind pieces that offer a modern spin on vintage designs.

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Herati, Ivory/Light Green

This traditional Herati runner rug blends shades of Ivory, tan and green with a classic decorative pattern that brings elegance and sophistication to a room.

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Rio Grande Collection: Powderhorn

This Powderhorn runner is inspired by antique killims made by the nomadic tribes of Turkey and Iran. Hand-woven with 100% wool and cotton, Rio Grande Flatweaves offer colorful geometric designs that are also reversible!

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Manhattan Reserve Collection: Chelsea, Charcoal

The decorative Chelsea, Charcoal runner showcases an intricate design brought to life through contrasting light and dark color hues.

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Golden Age Collection: Heritage, Black/Ivory

With it’s palette of rich jewel-tones and lustrous feel, Heritage, Black/Ivory is a winning rug for classic traditional spaces. Golden Age rugs are thick in pile and hand-crafted with a blend of worsted wools from New Zealand and Argentina, creating a soft, silky texture that feels heavenly and supportive underfoot. 

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