5 Winter Rug Trends

With the temperature dropping outside, tis’ the season to retreat indoors and escape winter’s icy bite. In the spirit of the season, our design team has selected 5 cool-toned rugs that reflect the crisp atmosphere of wintertime (minus the dreaded chill).

Nirvana Collection – Paradise, Ivory

A true product of nature, Paradise, Ivory is made from high quality wool and bamboo silk. This modern design offers a palette of creams, lavenders and blues and gives off a beautiful sheen depending on which angle you approach it from.

Amour Wool and Silk – Darling, White

The height of elegance, this transitional design seamlessly fuses old-world charm with new world confidence. Darling, White is loomed with hand-carded wool and hand spun silk, which is hand-carved to provide an added element of dynamism and texture.

Manhattan Silk Collection – Essex, Beau Blue

Inspired by elements from antique Ottoman, Egyptian and Asian textiles, the intricate and luxurious Essex, Beau Blue is crafted with 100% hand-spun silk.

Transcendence Wool & Silk Collection – Prestige, Blue-Grey

Adorned with decorative floral motifs, Prestige, Blue-Grey exhibits an artful blend of traditional design elements with a bold contemporary color palette.

The Mystique Collection – Charisma, Blue-Silver

Youthful and effortless, Charisma, Blue-Silver offers a subtle gradient of soft neutral tones that gradually shift between light and dark hues. This mood-evoking pile rug is extremely soft underfoot.


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