5 Warm-Toned Winter Rugs

While frigid New Jersey winters are nothing new for us, the combination of record breaking snowstorms and the COVID-19 pandemic, have made finding warmth and comfort in our indoor spaces all the more vital this season. Interior design has the power to shape how we feel and during Wintertime there’s nothing quite like settling into spaces that are equally cozy and inviting. To play on this theme, we’ve selected five warm-toned winter rugs with the power to create an atmosphere of restful rejuvenation within a room.

The Textures Collection: Tweed, Chocolate/Multi

The Tweed design from The Textures Collection comes in three color-ways sporting a plaid pattern, that brings an overall fresh concept to hand-weaving. Other designs in this Collection include snakeskin and herringbone patterns with subtle shades of sage, pumpkin and soft crimson. Hand-knotted in North India, with 100% wool, these designs demonstrate a sense of comfort and sophistication through their simplicity.

The Nordic Collection: Eric, Natural Ivory

Eric, from the Nordic Collection is artfully crafted with natural shades of natural ivory and charcoal un-dyed wool. The geometric patterns found in this design offer a unique textural quality and element of depth and contrast that make the rug so dynamic. All Nordic Rugs are hand-knotted in India with pure hand-spun wool and serves as a great interior foundation to build upon.

The Manhattan Reserve Collection: Gotham, Black

The intricate and diverse designs found in the Manhattan Reserve Collection are in a league of their own and Gotham, Black is no exception.

Carefully crafted with hand-carded wool, this finely woven design is inspired by elements from antique Ottoman, Egyptian and Asian textiles and offer an incredible aesthetic value rare in hand-knotted carpets.

The Golden Age Collection: Jewel, Red/Ivory

Jewel, Red/Ivory from our Award Winning Golden Age Collection is made with a blend of worsted wools from New Zealand and Argentina, that create a wonderful soft and silky texture.

This thick pile rug is heaven underfoot and a perfect fit for family rooms and living room spaces. The diverse palette of rich jewel-tone colors bring luster and elegance to this decorative Golden Age design.

The Mod Collection: Nifty, Greens

The abstract Mod Collection offers contemporary designs that play with rich color hues and layered brushstroke pattens. Nifty, Greens is crafted in India with the finest hand-carded wool, and exhibits warm tones and an energetic design with aa hand-painted feel.

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