5 Fabulous Fall Rugs

5 Fall Rugs

The temperature is dropping, leaves are changing and pumpkin spice lattes are back at Starbucks which can only mean one thing…fall glorious fall! In honor of the season, we have selected five fabulous rugs that are bound to get you in the fall spirit (aka make you want to curl up with some warm apple cider and admire them in your living room).


Thrill, Saffron (Amour Wool & Silk Collection)

This transitional design seamlessly fuses old world charm with new world confidence. Finely woven with hand-carded wool and hand-carved silk, this decorative rug blends traditional motifs with a bold and vibrant autumn inspired color palette.


DK-7 (Sunrise Flatweaves Collection)

This casual and rustic flatweave draws its inspiration from the African Congo, Pre-Columbian motifs, Central American design aesthetic and the American Southwest. Made with 100% hand-spun wool and all natural vegetable dyes, a unique spinning process is used to create bulky inconsistent yarn strands that provide a dynamic texture to this handcrafted design.


Eminence, Grey/Golds (Transcendence Silk Collection)

This striking transitional rug is finely constructed with hand-spun, hand-carved silk, which provides a lustrous appearance and luxurious feel. Adorned with decorative floral motifs, this piece artfully blends traditional design elements with a bold contemporary color palette.


Heaven, Brick/Red (Paradise Wool & Silk Collection)

Woven with hand-carded wool and hand-spun silk this floral design reflects the rustic hues of an orchard in autumn. Made with fine European fabrics, Heaven from our Paradise Wool & Silk Collection is a true reflection of its name.


Armstrong, Charcoal (Jazz Collection)

Made with hand-carded wool, this playful Ikat rug offers expressive shapes that reflect the scattered rhythms of a soulful Jazz song. With a charcoal, cream and orange color palette, this bold design exudes style and personality.

Photo Attribution:

Pumpkin: Image by Chiot’s Run /CC 2.0
Pinecone: Image by Pratheepps /CC 3.0
Orange Leaves: Image by Symphony999 /CC 3.0
Orange Tree: Image by Tracy Ducasse/CC 2.0
Squirrel: Image by BirdPhotos.com/CC 3.0
Wool: Image by Emily/CC 2.0
Latte: Image by Takeaway/CC 3.0
Boots: Image by Maegan Tintari /CC 2.0
Acorn: Image by Dcrjsr /CC 3.0
Yellow Leaf: Image by Su Neko /CC 2.0

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