5 Warm-Toned Winter Rugs

While frigid New Jersey winters are nothing new for us, the combination of record breaking snowstorms and the COVID-19 pandemic, have made finding warmth and comfort in our indoor spaces all the more vital this season. Interior design has the power to shape how we feel and during Wintertime there’s nothing quite like settling into spaces that are equally cozy and inviting. To play on this theme, we’ve selected five warm-toned winter rugs with the power to create an atmosphere of restful rejuvenation within a room.

The Textures Collection: Tweed, Chocolate/Multi

The Tweed design from The Textures Collection comes in three color-ways sporting a plaid pattern, that brings an overall fresh concept to hand-weaving. Other designs in this Collection include snakeskin and herringbone patterns with subtle shades of sage, pumpkin and soft crimson. Hand-knotted in North India, with 100% wool, these designs demonstrate a sense of comfort and sophistication through their simplicity.

The Nordic Collection: Eric, Natural Ivory

Eric, from the Nordic Collection is artfully crafted with natural shades of natural ivory and charcoal un-dyed wool. The geometric patterns found in this design offer a unique textural quality and element of depth and contrast that make the rug so dynamic. All Nordic Rugs are hand-knotted in India with pure hand-spun wool and serves as a great interior foundation to build upon.

The Manhattan Reserve Collection: Gotham, Black

The intricate and diverse designs found in the Manhattan Reserve Collection are in a league of their own and Gotham, Black is no exception.

Carefully crafted with hand-carded wool, this finely woven design is inspired by elements from antique Ottoman, Egyptian and Asian textiles and offer an incredible aesthetic value rare in hand-knotted carpets.

The Golden Age Collection: Jewel, Red/Ivory

Jewel, Red/Ivory from our Award Winning Golden Age Collection is made with a blend of worsted wools from New Zealand and Argentina, that create a wonderful soft and silky texture.

This thick pile rug is heaven underfoot and a perfect fit for family rooms and living room spaces. The diverse palette of rich jewel-tone colors bring luster and elegance to this decorative Golden Age design.

The Mod Collection: Nifty, Greens

The abstract Mod Collection offers contemporary designs that play with rich color hues and layered brushstroke pattens. Nifty, Greens is crafted in India with the finest hand-carded wool, and exhibits warm tones and an energetic design with aa hand-painted feel.

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Discover the Textural Nordic Rug Collection

Artfully hand-crafted with subtle shades of cream and white yarn, the Nordic Rug Collection embodies the age-old concept of discovering sophistication through simplicity. The signature textural quality of these carpets is inspired by the Sahara Desert and the natural high and low effect created from sand and wind.

jkDiscover the Textural Nordic Rug Collection Discover the Tex

Hand-knotted in India with with a blend of natural un-dyed New Zealand and European wool, these geometric designs offer a modern spin on traditional rug-making. All Nordic Rugs use minimal colors, which accentuates their three-dimensionality and further adds to their  aesthetic appeal.


Viking, Natural Ivory

Viking, Natural Ivory blend shades of un-dyed cream and ivory wool to create a textural sweater-like pattern. This cozy rug brings a sense of comfort and warm that make a house a home.


Astrid, Natural Ivory


Bjorn, Natural Ivory

While from afar, Nordic rugs may appear to be one-demential, upon taking a closer look, they’re anything but flat. We recommend scheduling a virtual or in person appointment to get an up-close look and to experience their high-low effect and textural quality for yourself. The Bjorn design plays with different patterns giving the rug a patchwork quality, which exhibits a seemingly random and asymmetrical aesthetic.


Eric, Natural Ivory

The Eric rug uses a mix of charcoal and natural ivory shades of yarn, that add an element of depth and contrast to the overall design. Eric is one of the most popular rugs in the Nordic Collection and serves as a great interior foundation to build upon.

Browse through the Nordic Look-Book to explore the entire collection.

Discover the Textural Nordic Rug Collection Discover the Textural Nordic Rug Collection Discover the Textural Nordic Rug Collection. White rugs, neutral rugs, natural rugs, textured rugs, cream rugs, winter rugs, winter decor.


Explore our Colorful Malibu Rug Collection

Colorful Malibu Rug Collection

Inspired by the breathtaking seascapes and sunsets of Malibu, California, our colorful Malibu Rug Collection provides an added element of serenity and calmness within a space. Each rug incorporates over 30 artfully selected color shades, ranging from iris blues and sandy beiges to mandarin oranges and rosy mauves. These mood-evoking carpets are hand-knotted with a blend of pure wool and hand-spun silk, which give each rug a stunning shimmering effect that adds a textural quality and enhanced sense of luxury.

Zuma, Rainbow

Carefully blending an array of complimentary color shades such as burgundy, rose, sand and mocha, the colorful Zuma, Rainbow design brings to mind the vibrant and ever-changing hues of an ocean sunset.

Zuma, China Blue

When it comes to decorating with blue, the possibilities are endless! incorporating a multitude of blue tones ranging from cool to warm, the calming Zuma, China Blue rug is a highly versatile option for a wide range of design aesthetics.

Zuma, Almond

The neutral tones and warm beige and brown color shades found in the Zuma, Almond design bring to mind an afternoon stroll on sandy beach. This mood rug offers a relaxed sophistication that will brighten and open up a space.

Zuma, Razzmatazz

The vibrant Zuma, Razzmatazz fuses deep orange, magenta and denim hues to add a fun pop of color to a room. The horizontal focus and overall mood of this rug is reminiscent of multicolored Malibu sunset.


Malibu rugs are woven with wool and silk fibers, which give them their beautiful lustrous quality and soft feel.

Explore the colorful Malibu Collection Look-Book here and view the entire collection!

To get up-close and personal look at the Malibu Rug Collection contact us today to request a virtual showroom appointment: schedule virtual appointment.

Explore our Colorful Malibu Rug Collection Explore our Colorful Malibu Rug Collection

Colorful Malibu Rug Collection


Introducing our New Modern Rug Collections

fine rug by modern fireplace

We’re excited to announce the release of our new modern rug collections: Mykonos and Santorini. These power-loomed rug designs are available in soft muted color-ways, with both lines carefully curated to accommodate transitional and contemporary interiors, and did we mention that they’re available at a great price point?

The Mykonos Collection is power-loomed in Turkey with bamboo silk, acrylic, and viscose, which provides a lustrous shimmer. These geometric and decorative designs come in a variety of soft pastel color shades to brighten any space.

fine rug in upscale living room

The Santorini Collection is power-loomed in Turkey with viscose and acrylic. With subtle shades of cream, grey and blue, these versatile contemporary designs offer a lustrous shimmer and textural feel beneath your feet.

fine rugs in various locations

These power-loomed lines are available at a cheaper price point than our hand-knotted collections, and are the perfect solution to those looking for sophistication on a budget.

Visit our website to view the full Mykonos and Santorini Collections.


The Mystique Carpet Collection: New Rug Additions

Cane, Café

Hot off of the loom, we have some exciting new additions to our popular Mystique Carpet Collection and we can’t wait to share them with you! From soft neutral tones to bold crimsons, oranges and blues, these youthful and effortless rug designs take the traditional art of rug-making to the next level.

Sublime in Charcoal, Ocean Blue, and Stone Blue

Mystique rugs play with subtle gradient shades that gradually shift between light and dark hues. These mood-evoking color palettes reflect everyday feelings of passion, sorrow, joy and romance by simulating the ebbs and flows of our human experience.

Charisma, Saffron-Smoke

Available in an array of natural color hues, the textural Aura design fits easily into a variety of spaces that offer different decor styles ranging from traditional to contemporary.

Aura in Bark MultiCrimsonSea SprayRoyal BlueSilver, and White Grey

Explore the full Mystique Carpet Collection


5 Winter Rug Trends

With the temperature dropping outside, tis’ the season to retreat indoors and escape winter’s icy bite. In the spirit of the season, our design team has selected 5 cool-toned rugs that reflect the crisp atmosphere of wintertime (minus the dreaded chill).

Nirvana Collection – Paradise, Ivory

A true product of nature, Paradise, Ivory is made from high quality wool and bamboo silk. This modern design offers a palette of creams, lavenders and blues and gives off a beautiful sheen depending on which angle you approach it from.

Amour Wool and Silk – Darling, White

The height of elegance, this transitional design seamlessly fuses old-world charm with new world confidence. Darling, White is loomed with hand-carded wool and hand spun silk, which is hand-carved to provide an added element of dynamism and texture.

Manhattan Silk Collection – Essex, Beau Blue

Inspired by elements from antique Ottoman, Egyptian and Asian textiles, the intricate and luxurious Essex, Beau Blue is crafted with 100% hand-spun silk.

Transcendence Wool & Silk Collection – Prestige, Blue-Grey

Adorned with decorative floral motifs, Prestige, Blue-Grey exhibits an artful blend of traditional design elements with a bold contemporary color palette.

The Mystique Collection – Charisma, Blue-Silver

Youthful and effortless, Charisma, Blue-Silver offers a subtle gradient of soft neutral tones that gradually shift between light and dark hues. This mood-evoking pile rug is extremely soft underfoot.




Spellbound, Ivory 

The elegant and inviting Nirvana and Nirvana Couture Collections make the perfect rugs to spruce up your holiday decor. Marrying modern day technology with traditional handcraft and artistry, these transitional collections are made with high quality wool and bamboo silk.

Joy, Pewter

Wilton-loomed and hand-finished, our Nirvana Collection marries modern day technology with traditional handcraft and artistry. As a new counterpart to our high-end selection, Nirvana offers a moderately priced alternative, which remains uncompromising in authenticity and style. Unlike inexpensive machine-made carpets produced from Acrylic and Polypropylene, the Nirvana Collection is a true product of nature, made from high quality wool and bamboo silk. Each carpet is then washed and sheared completely by hand, sharing the same intricate finishing process as our handmade carpets. Through reviving the 500-year tradition of Oushak carpet making, we are excited to present a new line of rugs that are both beautiful and durable.


New Rug Collections Catalog


Our new digital Rug Collections Catalog is out and we can’t wait to share our latest arrivals with you. From subtle transitional patterns to bold and modern designs, each of these sophisticated new lines offer their own unique style and back-story.

In collaboration with industry renowned Teddy Summer, the Caspian Collection is hand-knotted in India using a Turkish weave and hand-spun Middle Eastern wool. These exclusive designs are largely modern adaptations of timeless traditional patterns colored to suit today’s interiors. The resulting variation in texture and color gives these carpets a sense of personality similar to that of antique carpets.

The bold offers elegant floral designs available in a variety of vibrant and dynamic color shades. These rugs are crafted in India and Hand-knotted with 100% New Zealand wool, which offer a beautiful texture and feel.Shangri La Collection

Wilton-loomed and hand-finished, the Timeless Collection marries modern day technology with traditional handcraft and artistry. Made in Turkey from high quality wool and bamboo silk, these carpets are a true product of nature. Through reviving the 500-year tradition of Oushak carpet making, we are proud to present a bold new line of rugs unrivaled in both style and elegance.

Hand-knotted in India, the luxurious Savoy Collection is hand crafted with hand-carded wool infused with metal threads. Each of these intricate designs offers an assortment of decorative motifs and multi-tonal color shades that blend together seamlessly to create a harmonious aesthetic.

Explore our new rug collections catalog here.


Clearance Rug Sale

It’s a Clearance rug sale and you’re invited! For the first time ever we are offering our discontinued collections online to the public at heavily discounted clearance pricing. With rug styles ranging from traditional to modern, browse through over 30 exclusive collections of some of the finest handmade carpets available.

All of our clearance carpet collections are entirely handmade with hundreds of people involved in their productions process. Many of these collections offer classic decorative designs with traditional borders and elegant floral motifs, while other styles include rustic Flatweaves, dynamic Ikats and abstract geometric patterns.

Our Clearance site is designed with our customers in mind to provide you with a seamless and intuitive user experience. To help find the perfect rug, our welcome page offers filters that allow you to refine your search by collection name, color, size and style. Alternatively, simply scroll down to browse through our collection images. Purchases can be made securely through our website with free shipping provided on all orders.

Explore our Carpet Clearance Sale at


Nirvana Couture Rug Collection

With a new series of sophisticated cutting-edge rugs, the intricately designed Nirvana Couture Rug Collection takes our popular Nirvana line to the next level. Each Nirvana Couture rug is Wilton-loomed and hand-finished, marring modern day technology with traditional handcraft and artistry.

The rugs in this collection offer transitional designs that are the embodiment of luxury and elegance. Adorned with decorative elements, the collection exhibits an artful blend of traditional design elements with a bold contemporary color palette.

Unlike inexpensive machine-made carpets produced from acrylic and polypropylene, the Nirvana Couture is a true product of nature, made from high quality wool and bamboo silk. Through reviving the 500-year tradition of Oushak carpet making, Nirvana Couture offers a more affordable alternative to our higher-end lines, while still remaining uncompromising in style and authenticity.

Explore the complete Nirvana Couture Rug Collection here: