Samad Clearance Carpet Sale

It’s a Clearance sale and you’re invited! For the first time ever we are offering our discontinued collections online to the public at heavily discounted clearance pricing. With rug styles ranging from traditional to modern, browse through over 30 exclusive collections of some of the finest handmade carpets available.

All of our clearance carpet collections are entirely handmade with hundreds of people involved in their productions process. Many of these collections offer classic decorative designs with traditional borders and elegant floral motifs, while other styles include rustic Flatweaves, dynamic Ikats and abstract geometric patterns.

Our Clearance site is designed with our customers in mind to provide you with a seamless and intuitive user experience. To help find the perfect rug, our welcome page offers filters that allow you to refine your search by collection name, color, size and style. Alternatively, simply scroll down to browse through our collection images. Purchases can be made securely through our website with free shipping provided on all orders.

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With a new series of sophisticated cutting-edge rugs, the intricately designed Nirvana Couture Collection takes our popular Nirvana line to the next level. Each Nirvana Couture rug is Wilton-loomed and hand-finished, marring modern day technology with traditional handcraft and artistry.

The rugs in this collection offer transitional designs that are the embodiment of luxury and elegance. Adorned with decorative elements, the collection exhibits an artful blend of traditional design elements with a bold contemporary color palette.

Unlike inexpensive machine-made carpets produced from acrylic and polypropylene, the Nirvana Couture is a true product of nature, made from high quality wool and bamboo silk. Through reviving the 500-year tradition of Oushak carpet making, Nirvana Couture offers a more affordable alternative to our higher-end lines, while still remaining uncompromising in style and authenticity.

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Mood-Evoking Mystique Rugs

Youthful and effortless, our Mystique Collection takes the traditional art of rug making to the next level. As color has the unique power to affect our emotions and set the tone within a space, it is this ever-changing relationship between color and mood that define our Mystique line of rugs. From soft neutral tones to rich crimsons and ocean blues, Mystique designs play with subtle gradient shades that gradually shift between light and dark hues. These mood-evoking color palettes reflect everyday feelings of passion, sorrow, joy and romance by simulating the ebbs and flows of our human experience.

From afar the designs appear almost solid, however upon closer inspection one can see organized groupings of small geometric shapes such as lattices, squares, zig-zags that blend into one-another to create an intricate and balanced pattern.

Extremely textural, these wide-knotted rugs offer a soft and substantial feel underfoot. Every carpet is expertly crafted with a thick blend of hand-spun wools from New Zealand and Europe. Each rug is meticulously woven with thick hand-spun yarn that is evenly sheared to a consistent pile height, making them undeniably plush.

With subtle blended colors and patterns, Mystique rugs can easily be incorporated into contemporary or transitional interiors as a unifying element that ties the whole room together.

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Bespoke Rugs Tailor Made By You

While we stock an extensive array of programmed and one-of-a-kind rugs, our Bespoke Collections can be tailor made to fit your individual needs and specifications. From altering the colors, materials, sizes and design scale, our dedicated team will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

Our Bespoke lines are catered to suit hospitality and commercial projects as well as residential décor. These lines are made in India and Nepal using the best natural materials available which accounts for their enduring style and durability. With the environment in mind, each rug is constructed entirely by hand with 100% sustainable and renewable fibers including wool, silk and hemp. The lead-time for a custom order will depend on the construction and size. New Jersey showroom visits are available by appointment to schedule a consultation.

The Process Step-by-Step:

Concept. Browse our Bespoke Collections and choose a design and quality.

Custom. Define your specifications – size, color and scale. Custom rugs can be made in special sizes including runners, rounds, ovals, squares, wall-to-wall and more.

Collaboration. We will provide a design rendering and color swatches for your approval. Request a sample strike off if necessary.

Completion. Once a design is finalized, the production process will begin. The lead-time for a custom order will depend on the construction and size.

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Holiday Rugs For Your Winter Decor

Tis the holiday season and we’ve selected some of our most festive rugs to celebrate the occasion. Whether your design preference is transitional, contemporary, or traditional, these five eye-catching carpets are bound to enliven your winter decor.

Designed with both traditional and transitional interiors in mind, M-101, Red/Red from the Mahal Collection marries a color palette of deep reds, emerald greens and soft beiges with classical floral motifs. Made with hand-spun wool pile, the Mahal collection is highly durable and simply timeless.

Desire, Deep-Rose and Darling, White from our Amour Wool & Silk Collection offer transitional designs which seamlessly fuse old world charm with new world confidence.

These finely woven carpets are made with hand-carded wool and raised hand-carved silk. Though adorned with traditional motifs, these bold rugs are the perfect accent pieces that will tie an interior together.

The inspiration behind Koga, Ivory-Blue from our Shibori Collection comes from the ancient Japanese Shibori dyeing technique. With a fluid assortment of soft blurry-edged shapes, this design is crafted with high-quality wool and dyed to deep saturated indigo hues that evoke feelings of tranquility. Through their unique patterns and rich color palettes, these versatile carpets can easily be incorporated into a contemporary interior or function as a standout piece within a room.

The imaginative Ortega, Multi was brought to life through our collaboration with the acclaimed artist Rex Ray. Bursting with color and energy, this lively rug from our popular Rex Ray Collection is made with fine wool hand-knotted in India by skilled weavers. Rex Ray’s eye-catching work is inspired by the mid-century modernist style and is best described as “art for the floor.”


Brooklyn Rug Collection

Like it’s namesake, our Brooklyn Rug Collection is a melting pot of styles and cultures from around the world fused together into a harmonious union. With its unique neighborhoods, cuisines and architecture, the diversity that defines the beloved New York borough is the soul behind our Brooklyn line. These transitional designs are influenced by mixture of elements taken from antique Ottoman, Egyptian and Asian textiles, offering an incredible aesthetic value rare in hand-knotted carpets. The structured architectural aesthetic found in these rugs is achieved through a mélange of decorative motifs and geometric shapes. With a wide variety of nuanced color hues incorporated into each rug, the final effect is timeless and elegant.

A departure from our popular Manhattan Lines, Brooklyn offers the same sophistication and overall aesthetic at a more affordable price point. These finely woven carpets are made entirely by hand in north India. The rugs in this collection are carefully crafted with high-quality wool that is carded by hand to give each piece a unique finish.

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10 Autumn Hued Rugs

Incorporating warm hued colors of Autumn foliage, these 10 natural rugs are some of our Fall favorites this year to inspire your next project. In red, brown, green, gold and orange tones, these inviting designs are essential in creating the perfect cozy Autumn interior.

Nara, Cream-Multi

The inspiration for Nara comes from the ancient Japanese Shibori dyeing technique. With a fluid assortment of soft blurry-edged shapes, Nara is crafted with high-quality wool and dyed to deep saturated hues that evoke feelings of tranquility. Through the unique style and rich color palettes, this versatile carpet can easily be incorporated into a contemporary interior or function as a standout piece within a room.

Versailles, Ivory-Coral 

Our European Reserve Wool & Silk Collection marries classic motifs with a diverse and contemporary color palette. This vibrant rug breaks from traditional structure, appearing boundless and unconfined. Made with hand-carded wool and hand-spun silk, Versailles has a lush feel and lustrous finish.

Mood, Crimson-Grey

Made with hand spun New Zealand wools and wools of European origin our Mystique Collection embodies and exemplifies both charm and mystery. This bold crimson design can easily be incorporated into contemporary or traditional interiors to create an aura of mystique that is both magical and inspiring.

Bryant Park, Spruce

The intricate Bryant Park design is carefully crafted with hand-carded wool and hand-spun silk. This intricate design is inspired by elements from antique Ottoman, Egyptian and Asian textiles and offers an incredible aesthetic value rare in hand-knotted carpets.

Ascendance, Grey-Gold 

This striking transitional design is the embodiment of luxury and elegance. Adorned with decorative motifs, Ascendance exhibits an artful blend of traditional design elements with a bold gold color palette.


This traditional Oushak design incorporates contemporary coloration that strays from the traditional Oushak palette. With orange, beige and green hues, Serapi has the ability to warm up an interior.

Herringbone, Nutmeg/Sage

Our stylish Textures Collection brings a fresh concept to hand weaving. This herringbone pattern uses subtle and unique shades of sage, pumpkin and soft crimson, demonstrating a sense of sophistication through their simplicity.

Painterly, Silvery-Multi

The Artist Wool & Silk Collection is made with hand-carded ‘Chuka’ wool and pure silk. The natural texture of the wool paired with the sheen of the silk, give these subtle contemporary works of floor art a fresh dynamic finish.

Sparta, Crimson-Blue

Old and new find perfect harmony in this elegant rug from our Ancient Collection. Expertly blending traditional Persian motifs with contemporary color shades, these transitional rugs are sandblasted to produce a multi-tonal antique finish.

Volterra, Merlot

Made with hand-carded rural wool, Volterra from our Tuscany Collection is a true product of nature. The process of hand twisting the wool fibers provides an uneven multi-textural finish to this dynamic design. It is the perfect imperfections in this handmade rug that give Volterra its unique beauty.


Samad’s Fifth Generation

We are very proud to introduce the newest member of our team, Nicole Samad. Nicole will be working in our sales department and is looking forward to assisting her father, David Samad in servicing Samad clients around the country.

Having worked the past six years in hospitality management, we are sure Nicole will bring a fresh prospective and experience to Samad. Her ability to interact and network with people comes so naturally and makes her a perfect fit. She represents, together with her cousin Jennifer Samad (Malcolm’s daughter), the fifth generation of Samads in the rug industry.

Nicole’s role will be to develop and further client relations as well as sales and marketing. “I have such admiration for my father and uncles who have built such a strong name for themselves around the world over the past 32 years,” Nicole said. ”I look forward to adding my own individual creativity to the company and continue to grow the Samad brand”.

David Samad said “Nicole will be a tremendous addition to Samad and she looks forward to making her debut at The Rug Show at the Javitz Center this September”.


Ancient Wool & Silk Collection

Old and new find perfect harmony in our elegant Ancient Wool and Silk Collection. This transitional line of rugs expertly blends inviting traditional motifs with contemporary color shades to create a clean finished look. Extremely versatile and undeniably luxurious, these decorative designs exude the intrigue of a priceless antique fit for a Shah’s palace. From deep salmons, rich golds and ice blues, a range of over 30 subtle color hues can be found in each rug, which provides a fantastic painterly finish to these works of floor art.

Marathon Rose-Charcoal

The Inspiration:

Playing with decorative floral elements, the design inspiration behind the Ancient Collection comes from ancient Persian textiles and antiques. Through the use of symmetry, ornate decorative patterns and intricate borders, these refined designs possess signature characteristics found in traditional Persian carpets. Intrigued by the alluring mystique of old paintings and vintage relics, our designers sought to create new rugs with an aged appearance that felt both classically Persian and undeniably modern.

Olympia, Grey-Gold & Argos, Cream Grey

The Process:

To produce a timeworn finish to these carpets without compromising the quality, our rug making team had to discover a method that could achieve the desired faded look without physically damaging the carpet. Rather than using harsh destructive chemicals, the secret recipe came unexpectedly in the form of sand. The unique process known as sandblasting involves strategically blasting the carpet with sand at a highly pressurized rate to evenly reduce its pile height. Sandblasting is 100% natural and ensures that the strength and character of the fibers remain intact and that the color of the dyed yarn is preserved. The method produces a multi-tonal effect of faded soft shades and dramatic saturated colors that artfully blend into each other to create a beautiful antique finish.

Argos, Ivory-Silver


The Shibori Collection

We are delighted to introduce our stylish new Shibori Rug Collection this season. The inspiration for this dynamic line comes from the ancient Japanese dyeing technique of Shibori, best identified by its fluid assortment of soft blurry-edged shapes. These original designs are crafted with high-quality wool, which is dyed by hand to deep saturated indigo hues that evoke the ocean and feelings of tranquility.

Japanese Shirbori techniques can be dated back to the 8th century as a method for dying textiles and kimonos. In order to achieve the desired tie-dyed look, the material was first twisted, crumpled and folded in a number of different ways and then dyed in rich indigo blue hues. Areas of the cloth were bound with dye resistant materials that would preserve areas of white in contrast with the indigo. With infinite variations to explore, this process has inspired designers all over the world to create new patterns and explore the endless possibilities of Shibori.

Our Shibori Collection celebrates this captivating art form. Due to their unique patterns and rich blue color palette, these versatile carpets can easily be incorporated into a number of contemporary interiors or function as a standout piece within a room. Sporting an array of inviting indigo shades, these stylish designs will add a sense of elegance and serenity to a space. As with all things handmade, each rug varies slightly in tone and style, further adding to the unique personality indicative of the traditional Shibori textiles.